Hiring the Right Cleaning Service Company
Cleaning Service

In these times where hygiene is of prime importance and time is minimal we tend to look for external resources for our cleaning solution be it a home, an office, a retail unit, showroom. Whether you want to hire a cleaning service to help you with a one-off task, an annual spring clean, or something on a more regular basis, there are a few things one needs to consider before you make a decision.

Hiring someone who isn’t part of a formal cleaning service company carries with it a host of risks especially in these current times when we are under the threat of the pandemic although it is cheaper and easier as per our general perception. However, it is advised that if one has a dependable lady who can do these chores effectively it is advised to keep them close as a member of the family. But, when things don’t go well, that’s when you bring in a service company. Sure, it’s a bit expensive, but there are many, many benefits, you get from bringing in a professional company. Some of the things you should consider when looking to hire a cleaning service company.

Ask around

Begin by checking with family and friends- many at times referrals do give you an opinion about a company- It is not about what is shown on their websites- anything can be written to attract attention and get views but an honest opinion of their experience with a company carries much weight and gives a clearer picture of their services

Accept reviews as they are

Customers who are happy do not write many reviews It. Remember, it is mostly the unsatisfied ones who write to vent their frustration and anger.  If a company has too many bad reviews, then it’s a definite NO, but if they have many good reviews and a few bad ones, that could be a  good choice. No company is perfect.

Do not select a company with a perfect track record. It is seen that many companies pay to write reviews so it’s natural they get a perfect score. Similarly, a company with poor scores should also be avoided when doing a selection

Liabilities and compensation

Look for companies that do have a proper workforce. A professional company invests in its employees and also covers their services with proper insurance. This goes to show that any damage accidentally done on your property during their service is covered by the company. Let’s be honest such a guarantee does add to the costs per hour but with such a level of assurance is valuable especially when you are letting them access your property and could be exposed to risks and damages

Experience & Accreditations

Check for company history and how long have they been in this Do they have any affiliations or accreditation? I prefer to select such types of companies as they give me the assurance and a no bother approach solution.

We have been in this business having formed by a team of professionals in this industry who have served for years. We have provided our services even during the tough lockdown conditions only due to our extra caution on following the guidelines and protocols of virus protection that gave our customers the comfort that we are trustworthy and dependable.

Offers and Schemes

Check for companies that offer services that are flexible and can be customized. Depending on what you want to be done, inquire as to what level of service is offered. Companies offer a variety of options; none are right or wrong, you just need to find what suits your needs and your lifestyle.

A professional company does not only provide you a solution but will offer you options of having a long-term association through a contract and even recommend various schemes that they may have which will benefit you in the long run. Remember it’s a win-win for both to have a guaranteed solution while the company does get a ling term customer


Always check for companies that take ownership of their worker’s actions. A good company will not only protect the property of its customers. But also supports them by owning up if a worker damages something. It’s a reality that at times things could break but how it has been handled by the company gives you the guarantee. That you can trust them to access your property

Companies like ours do have a work order form where the customer has a section to provide their feedback. We do collect this to analyze the concerns and improve on areas where weaknesses are observed.

A good company will get back to you after the service is performed to either check for the experiences. Or enquire about their concerns written in the feedback section. Each company has a different set of policies. We do offer complimentary services if a customer does not seem to have been satisfied with any part of our service.


While many companies use contract workers a good company invests in its own employees. Such employees go through hours of training and have a much better quality in their working methods. It is seen that many companies in the region employ contract workers thereby saving on taxation and other costs. We can proudly say that our staff has been with us for a few years. Such companies give the impression that they do take care of their employees well. Remember a satisfied employee does give an output that is much better quality. A disgruntled and unsatisfied employee can be harmful to the customer and his assets as well

Products & Technology

Does the company use proper tools? Our homes or properties have been done with a lot of time and money spent. They need to be maintained with the right chemicals and machines. Gone are the days when a broom and a piece of cloth were used for keeping the area clean. A good company comes with a set of professional tools and equipment. And will also check with you if there are sensitive or specific requirements before the commencement of their work.